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Sustainable Natural Rubber and Latex 

We connect the North American consumer directly with natural rubber producers in Southeast Asia, sustainably and efficiently.

Global Sourcing

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Southland Rubber Group, a leader in world rubber production, established in 1986, includes executives from the top levels of many industry leading companies. Southland’s growth has been organic and focused on the company doing what we do best – collaborating with customers to produce rubber to their specifications and meeting customer supply chain needs.


RSS - Ribbed Smoked Sheets

Made from coagulated latex sheets, the grades of RSS are RSS1 to RSS5 and vary by  elasticity, color and purity on the basic per International Standard of IRQPC (Green Book). These grades are determined and classified through visual examination by experienced sorters and inspectors.

  • RSS 1
  • RSS 3

TSR - Technically Specified Rubber

Also known as Block Rubber, TSR can be produced from both field latex and field coagulum of NR (cuplump) or a blend of both. Block Rubber is graded accordingly to precise technical parametres such as content of Dirt , Ash , Nitrogen, Volatile matter and its properties such as Wallace Plasticity (PO) and Plasticity Retention Index (PRI). It has good processing characteristics and physical properties. Our group factories are qualified under the major TSR schemes including Standard Thai Rubber (STR), Standard Indonesian Rubber (SIR), Standard Malaysian Rubber (SMR) and Standard Vietnamese Rubber (SVR).

  • TSR CV60
  • TSR CV50
  • TSR 3L
  • TSR L
  • TSR 10CV
  • TSR 20CV
  • TSR 10
  • TSR 20
  • Pale Crepe

Our Rubber products can be sourced from the following locations:


Thailand Vietnam
Indonesia Malaysia
Sri Lanka Ivory Coast
Liberia Nigeria



Derived from field latex,  it is processed using centrifuge methods. It contains 60% of Dry Rubber Content (DRC). Types of latex are differentiated by varying the amount used of preserved ammonia used such as High Ammonia (HA) and Low Ammonia (LA/LATZ). The concentrated latex are marketed under strict technical specification, based on dry rubber content, non-rubber solid, alkalinity, mechanical stability and other parameters relating to ISO2504 specification.

  • High Ammonia
  • Low Ammonia
  • Prevulcanized
  • Ammonia Free
  • TMTD Free

Our Rubber products can be sourced from the following locations:


Thailand Malaysia
Vietnam Indonesia