A Deep Understanding of Logistics

We think differently!  We review customers businesses to determine the most efficient logistics solution for their individual plants. We emphasize non-traditional supply chain routes while trying to keep inventory out of vulnerable and expensive port areas and closer to customers’ factories.

If you want to go quickly, go alone.  If you want to go far, go together.

~ African Proverb

Hedging and Risk Management

We bring 35 years of hedging experience to customers to help them identify the risk they have in their supply chains. Suppliers to the automotive industry often have very complicated risk scenarios. Southland Rubber, Inc. helps customers assess their natural rubber supply chain risks and effectively manage it for them.

Risk Reduction

We believe that listening and providing market intelligence to our customers is the best way to approach long-term relationships.


Southland Rubber USA will:

  • Listen to customers describe their businesses
  • Help customers understand what risk is associated with their their natural rubber purchases
  • Align purchase and sale risk
  • Provide customers with index-based or fixed priced contracting options

Our index based natural rubber pricing options:

  • Help customers review their historical purchases against an index to confirm that the proposed index is appropriate to the product
  • Provide a baseline for future contracting
  • Allow purchasing departments to identify pricing anomalies immediately and pinpoint their causes
  • Afford upper management a better understanding of commodity markets

Partner With Us

We’re ready to help you succeed.  Let us know how we can assist you!